Among other things: root.


Core Values

  • Security by Design.
  • Unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
  • Tools and programming language is determined by task.
  • Optimisation of each component in a system.
  • Full-stack specialist.
  • UI/UX with pure ECMAScript, jQuery and custom frameworks.
  • Information sharing: Tutor, write guidelines and manuals.
  • Favours and specialises in Linux-systems yet proficient in Microsoft environments.


Besides Swedish, English and Hungarian, I also do PHP, Perl, shells (zsh, bash, sh), ECMAScript/JavaScript (incl. NodeJS), HTML w/ CSS from LESS, and some C/C++.

Technologies and best practices

Focus on security by design, not by application.
Network Design Linux, macOS and Windows.
Performance Tuning Networks, internals of a system and websites.
Intranet/Extranet Creation, scaling, maintenance and development.
System Administration Debian, IPS & anti-virus, nginx and many other webservers, documentation of individual components as well as the complete system, and source code, etc.
IPS Iptables, fail2ban, portsentry, syslog, munin, among others.
WordPressHardening, write/enhance themes and plug-ins, WooCommerce implementation and customisation.
E-commerce Proprietary and open source platforms, i.e. Textalk Webshop and WooCommerce, respectively.
CDN Improve on web service performance using Content Delivery Networks and utilising DNS-records.
Databases MySQL, sqlite, Redis and flat files.
SEO Optimising websites for humans; readable URL:s, reduce loading times, improve on structure and throughput of JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and more.
Deployment I am having a blast with Kubernetes, Minikubes and Docker, though I am hardly proficient yet!
Embedded Device programming with Arduino and X86: several projects.


I have worked on projects such as Égalité (JS & PHP cryptography, session management), Beholderobot (Arduino, IC, mechanics, web interface, etc), ASCII Instagram Viewer, OMC, View, Memfis Film AB, TWZ, Textalk AB, Wicked Tattoo, Beläten, RKSeek: 118100/VemRingde Reverse Lookup, Specimen (Social network with privacy in focus), QuickSSHd (design), SEO DESIGN (Systems- and Web Developer, System Administrator), Capax Instruments AB/Acte Solutions AB (ISO Certified IPC Technician), Nets United (Lead Developer, Systems Administrator), 3G-networking and security, et al

A complete list of references and work can be found in my CV, also found under Contact.


I am a full-stack developer from Sweden with roots in Hungary. My primary computer interests involve system and web development; computer security, system and server administration, document management, and graphics design.

In my spare time I design and program IoT devices/modules, play with electronics, work with IPS/IDS, photograph and listen to music.

I am employed by SEO DESIGN.


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