Richard K. Szabó

Root, Software Developer and Graphics Designer

Worked on projects such as BeholderobotASCII Instagram Viewer, OMC, View, Memfis filmproduktion, TWZ, Textalk, Wicked Tattoo, Beläten, RKSeek: 118100/VemRingde Reverse Lookup, Specimen, QuickSSHd (design) , SEO DESIGN AB (Systems- and Web Developer, System Administrator) , Capax (ISO Certified IPC Technician), Nets United (Lead Developer, Systems Administrator) , 3G-networking and security,  et al

Technologies/best practices

Intranet and Extranet: Scaling, creation, maintenance and hacks.
Linux IPS: Iptables, fail2ban, portsentry, syslog.
Focus on security by design, not by application.
WordPress (theme and plugins)  and WooCommerce (customization and implementation).
Documentation: Not only code but overall functionality of any system.

Other Stuff

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